Friday, January 17, 2014

Deciphering Laundry Symbols...

Is it just me, or are the instructional pictures on clothing tags confusing? 

Maybe I've just been getting too many things at H&M lately?  I'm not sure.  All I know is that clothing manufacturers are starting to lean more towards symbols to explain how to care for an item instead of words.  So...rather than stand in front of the washer and dryer wondering whether or not I can dry a shirt or wash a pair of pants on warm without shrinking them, I searched the good 'ole internet and found this great resource to decode the piles of laundry that seem to snicker at me from every corner of the utility room.  It is not a complete list, but it does break down the basics and will give you a general understanding of what most of the symbols mean.  Plus, you can print it out and keep it handy near those pesky washers and dryers:)

Happy Laundry Doing!

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